Frequently Asked Questions

Oh no, there isn't a participation grade for this why are you here

Why are you doing this?

Honestly, I'm trying to save up for a new computer to do photowork on since my current one from 2014 is constantly running out of hard disk space and the battery is definitely showing its age. (Also I need to justify my printer purchase many years ago, but shhhh details.)

My print is curling!

Unfortunately, this happens especially with cotton-based papers. You can curl it the other way and it'll stay flat (it's okay to be more aggressive with it within reason.) This can also happen naturally depending on temperature and humidity. The paper, while beautiful, can be fickle at times.

Why are there black dots or small smudges on the edge of the paper?

It means the print head somehow still struck the paper. That's not good, but sometimes even with lots of coaxing (and, honestly, pleading and bargaining), the photocard paper just won't behave. 98% of the time you won't see it because I'll redo the print but otherwise... it's a feature. It adds character. smol sweat

What's the return and exchange policy?

No returns or exchanges accepted. If there's an issue where the wrong print was received, please contact me for assistance.

What's your shipping policy?

Prints will be mailed by first class mail via USPS. You'll get it in an envelope with print(s) protected by chipboard. Prints can also be mailed internationally, but by default, tracking and insurance will not be included. Please give me 2 - 7 business days to make the prints, and expect prints to arrive 4 - 5 business days if within the continental US, and 7 - 21 business days everywhere else.

There is a photo you took that I'd like as a print. How can I ask you for that?

Send me a message with a link to said photo here!

How long did you spent making this store?

Way too long.

Favorite milk tea?

Usually a fresh milk green tea (honey is good), 25-30% sweet without ice.